Open air caving as it has been described. A follow the leader activity scrambling over rocks and weaseling through gaps and holes. Probably one of the most popular activities and certainly fun for all. Set your own challenges and goals. Rock Scrambling is the perfect outdoor activity in Derbyshire for kids birthday parties.

Our rock scrambling or weaselling is also a great outdoor activity for stag parties and hen parties as there are so many challenges or dares around each corner. Its also a great activity for taking in some spectacular views of the Peak District. popularity of rock scrambling and weaseling has been growing for the last few years. 

With the guidance of Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities experienced leaders and equiped with a helmet, you will be ready to scramble over and weasel through the rocks.

Rock scrambling and weaselling is an activity for everyone, regardless of age or experience. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness, with teams large and small. It provides a great opportunity to combine and experience low level climbing and surface caving   at the same time.

For all the intrepid explorers this is your chance to triumph over nature or for the non-competitive person you can enjoy the challenge at a more leisurely pace and bring up the rear.

Rock scrambling and weaselling is a half day activity but can be combined with a variety of activities to make a full day Full day is only £10 per person more for most groups.