This journey is a test of nerve and stamina, as you scramble, wade, slide & plunge your way along the river.

The only way to describe this activity is to say that it's like caving with the roof off, in the gorge, waterfall climbs, tricky rock traverses, rocky obstacles and plunge pool jumping are all a part of the fun. You won't believe how much fun gorge walking is until you've tried it!

This is no Sunday afternoon paddle... not only must you conquer the fast-flowing torrents and plunge into deep pools, there is also the hazardous white water to contend with!
And if all that doesn't take your breath away, the spectacular scenery of the Derbyshire hills certainly will!

Challenge yourself on this exhilarating trail through the stunning gorges of the Derbyshire countryside.
Experienced guides will take you on a journey with a difference, as you scramble over rocks, negotiate the treacherous rapids and waterfalls - Let's face it, you're in for a soaking! 

This day will leave you feeling exhausted, but exhilarated, soggy, but totally refreshed