Outdoor education with Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities can help you enrich your pupils’ learning experiences through opportunities to learn in new ways and developing key skills that underpin the curriculum.

Through outdoor education with Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities, in your school or the Peak District we can:

  • Support personal development and therefore help achieve the outcomes from Every Child Matters. In particular; Enjoying and Achieving, Staying Safe and Keeping Healthy.
  • Enhance the development of the six groups of skills in the “Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills” framework
  • Help achieve the objectives from the “Learning Outside the Classroom” manifesto, in turn providing a powerful route to the Every Child Matters outcomes.
  • Use the outdoor environment and outdoor activities to achieve cross-curricular educational objectives.
  • Develop academic, personal and social education in ways not easily achieved in the classroom.
  • Help develop the National Curriculum 6 key skills that help learners in education, work and life. In particular: Working with others, Problem Solving, Communication and Improving learning and performance. 

Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities, planning in conjunction with your school, will offer well structured, inspiring courses. We are able to deliver a day or more of educational outdoor activities, longer programmes building in progression.

The Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities brand of outdoor education & training is person focussed and developmental, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and co-operation. The activities are pitched to reflect the ability and aspirations of each group's individual needs, taking into consideration the educational aims or sporting objectives of the organising staff, alongside any other previous experience.

We create genuine opportunities for young people to take on roles of leadership & responsibility within the comfort zone of safely managed adventure activities.

Our range of activities can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular group and delivered to ensure that all individual members can take a full and active part in the adventure.

All instructors are CRB screened (Criminal Records Bureau) hold valid first aid certificates and are qualified to the requirements of the National Governing bodies. 

All courses operate under cover of insurance & AALA license 

Risk assessments & child protection policies available to trip organisers and school visits co- ordinators.