For those looking for a challenge but not sure whether you want the full on physical challenge or something a bit lighter, Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities have the answers for you. You can choose from an individual physical challenge or a day of activities that challenge you physically and mentally. 

We are a family business and we’re in the business of providing excellent opportunities for families to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment. 

We are experts in managing children and young people in the outdoors and belief that we can all learn from each other, whatever our age differences and range of experiences when we pursue and enjoy activities together.  We will take you and your family out of your normal routines of life and place you into a world of adventure and excitement. 

Our full range of activities can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular family group and delivered to ensure that all individual family members can take a full and active part in the adventure.   

Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities instructors are extremely experienced and sensitive to the complex dynamics of family life, particularly when put in a new learning opportunity and turning it into a memorable and even poignant moment in your family history.