Team-building and mirage message...A mirage is an optical illusion.


Think of a guy crawling across the desert, slowly dying of thirst.  He  sees an oasis with a beautiful cool source of water.  The mirage gives him hope and makes him feel good - temporarily.  And then reality hits when the oasis turns out to be a mirage.

The struggle continues.Many teams are like the guy crawling through the sand, struggling (unnecessarily).  Then, in an effort to ease the pain, someone says "let's do some teambuilding" and the mirage is created. 

A day of teambuilding is offered up and team members become hopeful and then... poof!  The day of team-building is over (the mirage disappears) and everyone is back at the office crawling along.Sound familiar?

Our team building and corporate entertainment events are designed to challenge and enhance communication skills amongst your staff. We can facilitate leadership, friendship, trust, sensitivity and self-awareness to help enrich the participants' confidence levels.

We do all the hard work for you, providing specialist equipment, insurance, instruction and challenging activities and help you organise specialist training events for your company.Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities utilise adventurous activities as a vehicle for team building and refining communication skills. 

We organise events for working teams developed around the specific requirements of your group in a person focussed environment. Both physical and non-physical roles are valued equally. Discover the true potential of your team members on a programme that offers a balance of training opportunities & stimulating team challenges.

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