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For those looking for a challenge but not sure whether you want the full on physical challenge or something a bit lighter, Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities have the answers for you. You can choose from an individual physical challenge or a day of activities that challenge you physically and mentally. 

Ever wanted to see your mates squirming through a hole covered in mud, or soaked through to the skin as their raft sinks or in an upturned canoe, or maybe hanging on to a rock face with their fingernails???. Well here’s your opportunity to capture that special moment and believe us – they will thank you for it ………..later!

Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities are the experts in creating an adventurous atmosphere for your BIG ADVENTURE and to meet your individual requirements.  We provide a carefully managed event that ensures maximum fun and enjoyment for all but still delivered within a very safety conscious arena. All the usual outdoor activities are available along with the creativity to provide experiences to your own design. We can give you ideas from many previous successful courses.