Abseiling? It's as easy as falling off a cliff... backwards!

Abseiling at Bridge 75
Our abseiling taster days are great for people or groups looking for a fun day out whilst under the supervision of qualified instructors.


If you think you have the courage to leap down the side of a vertical rock-face in a couple of bounds, then this is the sport for you! Exhilarating and spine-tingling this activity is the ultimate test of nerve, technique, teamwork and trust. So come on what are you waiting for? The only way is down!

Our experienced instructors will offer guidance and encouragement to enable even the most acrophobic of adventurers to conquer their fears and experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime!
The feel-good factor and sense of personal achievement gained from this activity is out of this world! After all it's not every day that you and your friends help each other find the courage to hurl yourselves off a cliff and land safely at the bottom! Having both feet firmly back on the ground will never feel better than this!

If this all sounds appealing, but just a bit too daunting, novice abseilers may choose to abseil from a bridge. It's just as high but there's no rocks to bump in to, and it's very secure. (In case you're wondering, it can be over dry land, not the river if you choose).
It's a great way of trying out a new adventure, and once you've had a go, we're sure you'll be booking up for another course!