The popularity of rock climbing has been growing for the last few years and indoor climbing walls are springing up close to most people.
As the sport has rapidly evolved it has brought new techniques and skills to the rock climber, making it safer and more accessible.
Once kitted up with your harness and helmet you will be ready to climb, under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor.
Often the first few moves are made low down, centimeters from the floor.
You will learn the technique of bouldering, and traversing - moving side-wards along the rock, looking carefully at hand and foot placements.
As your confidence increases, with the continual encouragement of your instructor, it will not be long before you find yourself reaching the top of the climbs, scaling heights you never thought possible!
The instructors at Twin Peaks Outdoor Activities will coach you throughout, building your confidence and developing your techniques.
This will enable you to climb heights you would not have foreseen and will arm you with the skills and understanding to continue and progress further in the future.